Argiolas Korem Bovale Isola Dei Nuraghi IGT


Alcohol Percentage: 14.5%
Case Volume (ml): 6 bottles x 750ml
Brand: Argiolas
Country of Origin: Sardinia, Italy
Wine Type: Red Wine
Varietal: Bovale Sardo, Carignano, and Cannonau


Bovale Sardo (Graciano) is an underrated grape that has been making a comeback in its native Rioja. Korem blends the low-yielding and deeply-colored Bovale Sardo for aroma and acidity, with Carignano for tannin, and Cannonau for fruit and body to achieve an elegant wine of layered complexity. Intense red. Intense, persistent, balanced. Velvety, full, harmonious, warm, round.

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