Tenu Gin


Alcohol Percentage: 47.3%
Case Volume (ml): 6 bottles x 500ml
Brand: Tenu
Country of Origin: Finland
Spirits Type: Gin


Juniper straight away, but it seems fresh and clean. Give it a bit of time to sit and you start to get sweetness coming through as well, like icing sugar. Sweet, with juniper again coming through strong. Then the warming spiciness comes through. Peppery at first but mellowing to more of ginger quality. Finally I got something sweet and floral, the closest description I could come up with is Parma Violet sweets. Over all ita very smooth though and you wouldn?t think it was 47% abv. Citrus comes out straight away on the finish giving a crisp, freshness. I also got an almost milky quality after the citrus died back to round it off.

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